THIS WEEK / ESTA SEMANA (27 Jun – 3 Jul 2011)

ME & HIM Shows:

Mon. 27th: HOTEL PARAISO BEACH (Es Canar) 9,30 PM.

Tues. 28th: HOTEL PANORAMA (Es Canar) 9,30 PM.

Wed. 29th: MARINER’S (Santa Eulalia) 9,30 PM.

Thurs. 30th: HOTEL TRES TORRES (Santa Eulalia) 9,30 PM.

Fri. 1st: MARSOL (Santa Eulalia) 9,30 PM.

Sun. 3rd: HOTEL ERESO (Es Canar) 10 PM.

Please, keep checking this site for more information.

Seguid consultando esta página para más información.

Pic of the week:

Sorry! Due to reasons that don’t really matter, we couldn’t manage to get a more interesting Pic of the Week this week, so Rick suggested last night to hang a picture of my cat.

Or did he say my hat?

No me molesto en traducir la gracieta, porque en español no tiene ninguna gracia. Nadie  confundiría gato con sombrero.


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