THIS WEEK / ESTA SEMANA (4 – 10 Jun 2012)

ME & HIM Shows:

Mon. 4th: HOTEL PARAISO BEACH (Es Canar) 9,30 PM.

Tues. 5th: HOTEL PANORAMA (Es Canar) 9,30 PM.  (Featuring: Lucas Reyes, sax)

Wed. 6th: HOTEL ERESO (Es Canar) 10.00 PM.

Thurs. 7th: HOTEL TRES TORRES (Santa Eulalia) 9,30 PM.

Sat. 9th: THE JACARANDA LOUNGE (Es Canar) 9,30 PM.

Sun. 10th:

ALMOST JAZZ (Jazz Session) at BRISAMAR (Cala Pada) 3.00 PM.

ALMOST JAZZ (Jazz Session) at PANORAMA GRAND CAFE (Es Canar) 9.30 PM.

Please, keep checking this site for more information.

Seguid consultando esta página para más información.

Pic of the week:

SORRY, FOLKS, NOT READY YET! With so much music going on, we’ve had no time for photography. Please, send your own!

AÚN NO DISPONIBLE, LO SENTIMOS. Con tanta música, no hemos tenido tiempo que dedicar a la fotografía. Por favor, enviád las vuestras.



  1. Hi you Guys ! hows it going … hope the last photos got to you re:-Poster / or is your connection not up and running

    • Hi, Jim! For I don’t know which reason, you’ve apparently sent that material to Richard’s account, and he apparently forgot to reply. Sorry, mate! (Between me and you: That’s why I’m taking care of the Communications Department.)
      Nice work, thank you very very much!

      • my pleasure Pepe! Mate ! hope all well and hotting up now ! Mr Bass man.say hello to everyone. any other things you need doing Like amix of past images for a CD ect you only have to ask!

      • Thanks again, mate, we’ll keep that in mind.

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