THIS WEEK / ESTA SEMANA (9 – 15 Jul 2012)

ME & HIM Shows:

Mon. 9th: FIESTAS DE ES CANAR – ME & THEM Street Concert (Featuring: Lucas Reyes, sax) Av. Punta Arabì (Es Canar) 10,00 PM.

Tues. 10th: HOTEL PANORAMA (Es Canar) 9,30 PM.  (Featuring: Lucas Reyes, sax)

Wed. 11th: HOTEL HAWAII (San Antonio) 9.30 PM.

Thurs. 12th: HOTEL MIAMI (Es Canar) 9,30 PM.

Fri. 13th: MARINERS (Santa Eulália) 9,30 PM.

Sat. 14th: MARSOL (Santa Eulália) 9,30 PM.

Sun. 15th: ALMOST JAZZ (Jazz Session) at PANORAMA GRAND CAFÉ (Es Canar) 9.30 PM.

Please, keep checking this site for more information.

Seguid consultando esta página para más información.

Pic of the week:


Ziggy played Guitar… at Marsol (Photo Courtesy of Martine Van Wijk) Thank You!


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  1. No, thank YOU! 🙂

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