THIS WEEK / ESTA SEMANA 10 – 16 Aug. 2015

ME & HIM Shows:

Mon. 10th: HOTEL PALLADIUM CALA LLONGA (Cala Llonga) 10 PM.

Wed. 12th: CLUB CALA BLANCA (Es Figueral) 9,30 PM.

Thurs. 13th: HOTEL MIAMI (Es Canar) 9,30 PM.

Fri. 14th: MARINERS (Santa Eulalia) 9,30 PM.

Sat. 15th: CLUB CALA BLANCA (Es Figueral) 9,30 PM.

Please, keep checking this site for more information.

Seguid consultando esta página para más información.


This melancholy picture by Chas Eastwood, that reminds me somehow of Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks”, is a farewell to Hotel Tres Torres, where we’ve succesfully performed over many many years, as many of you know.

The reason is: we’ve been dismissed (rather fired) from it as a manager’s reprisal, because we declined to keep going to its brother hotel Presidente, where they have a certain habit of not paying bills and workers’ wages, while we have the habit of always getting paid for our work.

Think about it next time you’re booking your holidays.



  1. Takes me back to my student days where we would protest about anything just for a laugh.

  2. Guys this is so sad – you are absolutely correct in withdrawing from the Presidente due to non-payment. Now two sets of people will lose the chance to see and hear the best duo on the island.
    But in the end I am sure you will be rewarded for the stand you have taken.
    Just make sure your other clients understand the reason for your action, before others try to wreck your relationship with them.
    Rock on dear friends.

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