THIS WEEK / ESTA SEMANA 23 – 29 May. 2016

ME & HIM Shows:

Wed. 25th: HOTEL SANTA EULALIA & SPA (Santa Eulalia) 9,30 PM.

Fri. 27th: MARINERS (Santa Eulalia) 9,30 PM.

Sun. 29th: HOTEL CALA PADA MAGIC LIFE (Cala Pada) 10,30 PM.

Please, keep checking this site for more information.

Seguid consultando esta página para más información.

Pic of the week?


Apparently the gigantic size photograph of ME & HIM by our good friend Chas Eastwood, won’t fit in our little site. Sorry. It was wonderful, I promise you! We’ll replace it as soon as possible.

Has anybody got one, by the way?

Wow…! Aren’t our friends fantastic? Carol has quickly responded to our demand by sending a fantastic couple of pictures to meet our needs. We guess that’s what you call “fans”?

By Carol Goldthorpe

Photo By Carol Goldthorpe

Thanks a lot, Carol


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