About ME & HIM

ME & HIM are an Ibiza based Rock and Blues duo consisting of: Richard Parker (Guitar and main vocals) and Pepe Zappa (Bass and vocals).

Originally formed by Richard Parker on guitar, and Allan Shephard on bass in 1995, after the country-rock band Gringo disappeared.

Although they’d had seven pretty succesful seasons, at the end of Summer 2001, Allan decided to leave Ibiza and move to Italy. Richard started looking for another bass player to take his place, and met by chance Pepe, who was playing keyboard by those days, but longing for picking up his old bass guitar again.

From May 2002, ME & HIM carried on with equal success, that’s been increasing throughout the years as the duo keeps going deeper into “guitar music”, Rock and Blues, and taking higher challenges that allow a more powerful performing, and specially Richard to develop his brilliant and creative guitar playing. Pepe takes care of creating backing tracks and mixing board control.

Since there’s not many other options in the island, ME & HIM do mostly hotel venues, and mainly around the Santa Eulalia-Es Canar area during the summer season, bringing some good old rock music to their many times happily surprised guests, expecting a more conventional hotel show.



  1. Ithank for great entertainment, lots of good sounds, always a treat to hear and see. If you hav’nt seen them make sure you do if you like blues, reggae ,rock, these nare the guys to watch.

    • Thank you Owen for your nice comment. See you next year?

  2. We were in Ibiza last year, and we happened to catch the gig by ‘ME AND HIM’ and we really enjoyed it. We are looking forward to seeing them again. We would recommend their show thoroughly.

    • We thank you both, lovely people! Hope to see you soon.

  3. hi pepe and richard, great to see you again, [the photo looks good lol] thank you for entertaining us for the last 3 years and we will see you next year if we cant get back this september, xx arleen & paul. by the way RICHARD you can stop laughing now, i have found this site, although i did have to add ibiza as me&him still didn’t get me the link!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for visiting us and dropping a line.
      Keep in touch.
      All the best.

      Richard and Pepe

  4. Hey,
    the website is very good and the music too.

    Luca and the Herholz family

    • Thank you very much for your compliments and for being our friends.
      By the way: is it possible you would send a family photo for our Friends Gallery to our e-mail address?


      Danke shön und auf wieder sehen.

      Pepe & Richard

  5. What a wonderful discovery to happen upon you two on our first-time holiday in Ibiza! Whenever I travel, I always carry some harps hoping to connect with other musicians who are more into feeding the music than into feeding their egos. You were so welcoming; what a pleasure to play with you and make it work in the structure! We’ve all got those big ears; so much fun. I’ll get a couple of photos out to you soon.
    Best in all, Carol Moog

    • Definitelliy, it was OUR PLEASURE to have you joining us for a while that we found far too short. What a pity not to have you around anymore!
      Thanks for you beautiful comment; we felt the same way about you. And I tell you, GIRL, YOU’VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES!

      Wherever you are, we hope to keep you in touch. Thank you very much.

      Good luck and all the best.

      Pepe & Richard

  6. Sure..send me follow-up comments…Carol

  7. we took film of you richard in 1996 /we saw you again with pepe 2007 when we visited ibiza escana ,,we are coming again this october hope to catch up with you again then to give you the dvd ,,been going to send it for quite a time but better to deliver it in person take care looking forward to hearing your great music seeyou gloria +dave …

  8. hello we first heard your music in 1996 at zodiac bar ,,we filmed your playing then ,,we saw you last 2007 at paraiso beach hotal ,and filmed you again ,finished the dvd at last and will bring it to paraiso beach in october see you both then ,,from gloria /dave street ..

    • Thank you, Gloria & Dave. We can’t figure out you faces right now, but we do appreciate you kind comment, and look forward to meet you again in October. And don’t forget that DVD.
      By the way: ZODIAC is now the JACARANDA.
      C U

      • thanks we have the dvd ready to bring looking forward to seeing you again bye now gloria+dave

  9. Hi Rick and Pep, you might or might not remember us. We were at Hotel Paraiso, Es Canar in early Oct. ? (bald bloke with ponytail? the one you ALMOST embarresed into singing?) Well you’ve jogged me into picking up my Flying ‘V’ again! So next time we come to Ibiza again you MIGHT??? get that jam you suggested. We only stayed a week, but apart from the hotel being great, it was you + Pepe’s gig that made it a really great experience. Taa for taking the trouble to be really good. By the way, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you both, and all of your loved ones. Much health. Art + Maggie.

    • Hi, Art!
      Sorry this reply took long, but I (Pepe, the webmaster) have been diconnected for a few days due to moving to a new house. Happy New Year for you and Mggie too.
      Thanks for your nice comment. I’m really glad you decided to pick up your guitar back and I have to say that we really look forward to get you and your Flying V on stage.
      See you back next summer then?
      All the best.

  10. […] PagesAbout ME & HIM […]

  11. Hello Me&Him,
    Just found your site,in tracing Stu Steel, he did appear there.
    Do you know where to contact him,

  12. Hi guys.

    You’ve got the old faithful turning up to see you tomorrow night at The Ereso, Ricardo!!!! He says every year that he will sing with you, so please hold him to it…He does have a lovely voice, on a good day! (joke). He has the in laws with him so that would make their day!! I myself will be venturing to out in August so will keep an eye open as to where you will be performing! Good Luck…always good to hear you boys. Jan x

  13. I saw you twice recently both at Mariner’s (Santa Eulalia). On the second occasion Richard spotted me in a Rolling Stones T-shirt; he mentioned it and then you played Brown Sugar. You’re top entertainment and put on a great show…Thanks

  14. I saw you twice recently both at Mariner’s (Santa Eulalia). On the second occasion Richard spotted me in a Rolling Stones T-shirt; he mentioned it and then you played Brown Sugar. You’re top entertainment and put on a great show…Thanks

    • We thank you, and look forward to have you in the audience at least for a third time soon.

  15. Hi Guys
    We saw you in Ibiza last week…..thought we would look you up and write to let you know how we enjoyed your show.
    I am the Beatles fan….perhaps you will remember. Keep up the good work and we hope we will catch you again.
    Would love to hear your version of ‘MAXWELL SILVER HAMMER’
    Hope you have a successful summer.
    Sheena and Hugh

  16. Guys, you rock! Saw you last friday in St Eurlaila and we had so much fun! Will be back next year and hope we’ll catch you again. (That is if you are not coming to Holland, it’s only a 2,5 hour flight LOL)
    Thnx a lot. Keep playing!
    (Sorry didn’t dare to put that crazy picture up here… haha)
    Martine xx

    • No problem, Martine. We got it from your FB. Nice one! Thanks a lot.
      Kusjes van Me & Him.

  17. Hola Pepe, ja li pots traduïr al Richard :). Som la parella de Barcelona amb la nena que cada any anavem al Solmar i seiam a primera fila. Fà 2 anys que no hi anem però aquest any tornem i of course us anirem a veure. Molts petons.

  18. Hola Rich & Pepe
    The Mayhew Clan will be with you on Ibiza from Sept 3rd to Sept 7th Looking forward to seeing you both again. Saludos

    • Great! We’ve been missing you.

      • My dad steve is hoping to see you guys again this year he played along with you last year hope you remember him!! Where are you at all week so I can let him know? He’s arriving tomorrow (Sunday) many thanks guys!!!

  19. In Ibiza next year staying at the HOTEL ERESO (Es Canar) from the 12th june to the 26th June and really looking forward to catching a gig by you guys. All the best and keep on rocking…

    • was in ereso when you played last week,thought you guys were really good.best entertainers of the week.

      • Thank you very much, Mark.
        See you next year.

        ME & HIM

  20. Saw you play at Hotel Miami Es Cana, late August – great great guitar playing (and bass playing too!). Great choice of material too. Particularly enjoyed ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ and ‘Black Magic Woman’ Very different from and a huge improvement on usual dire hotel entertainment. We stopped guitar player outside whilst he was loading equipment to say thanks for a great show. Maybe he’ll remember!
    Keep On Rockin’….Martin & Denise Ball and the whole Fam Damly.

  21. Hi Rick & Pepe,
    Great to see you again in August at the Mar Sol and Tres Torres in Santa Eulalia.Thanks for playing Santana, Wishing Well by Paul Rodgers and my favourite, Peter Green. You get better every year. Can’t say when we will be back but wish you well and keep on rocking!
    Very best wishes,
    Rosie & Stan xx

  22. Thanks for great evenings entertainment at the Tre Torres Hotel, Santa Eulalia 2nd Oct. What a pleasure to sit and listen to live music played so professionaly.
    Wishing you both continued success and hope to have the pleasure of seeing you again in the future. Peter

  23. Found your site at last. Hope to catch you again in September and it’s great to read all the wonderful comments. Seems we are not the only stalkers you have!! Love to you both. Sue and Dave Wales


  24. Back in ibiza (es cana)24june 2015 will.be our 10th year looking forward to seeing Richard &pepe playing had some great nights listening to them normally see them at the panorama or paraiso beach ( pink hotel) hope you are both well roll on June keep on rocking Best wishes John &llama ( hornchurch essex)

    • We’re affraid it won’t be possible this year, dear friends. Our good friend the manager from both hotels apparently decided to dispense with our services. Hope we meet somewhere else.
      All the best.

  25. What! No paraiso? Where am i going to go next year? (Artie).

  26. Hope to see you both in a couple of weeks

    Ron and Jennie green
    Worcester UK

  27. Hi both,you may not know the names,but this will be our fifth trip to Ibiza,can”t wait to hear you rocking this year too.You will probable know me by the ZZ Top T shirts.
    See you in a few weeks time.

    Ron and Jennie green.

  28. Hi both, have seen you both for the past 4 years ,this will be the 5th year. From the Hotel Panama es-Cana,to our favourite place ,Santa Eulalia.From Mariners bar to Tres -Torres.so we are really looking forward to seeing you both in about 3 weeks time.

    Ron and Jennie green

  29. Came to see you for the 5th year running in June this year2015,we were hoping to see you later in the year,
    When on a pension, often other
    Distractions occupied.We do hope we
    Will be able to see you next year.
    All the best to you both.
    Ron Green
    This year, I didn’t say was Tres Torres,the best entertainment in the hotel.

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