Here you’ll find historical pictures from historical nights when some special guests, or just any other musicians in the audience, jumped on stage to join us. ME & HIM WISH TO THANK THEM ALL.

Aquí encontraréis fotos históricas de noches históricas en que algunos invitados especiales, o cualquier otro músico que se hallaba entre el público, saltó al escenario para tocar con nosotros. ME & HIM SE LO AGRADECE A TODOS ELLOS.

SUE (Vocalist from THEN & NOW) with ME & HIM Live on MTV (Myown T V)

Mr. ELVIS on Harmonica

JOE ROBERTS (The Kid) Aug. 6 2011

Monsieur MAGIC ELVIS (Performing surprisingly inspired guitar solo)

Jamming with JEFF KIRKHOUSE at Jacaranda. Jul. 20, 2011

SALLY DACHS (She's back!)

CHRIS MASON - Mariner's June 29, 2011

Miss SALLY DACHS with ME & HIM - MARINER'S May 14 2011

Singin' the blues away - JUANMA - H. Paraíso Beach 20 Sep. 2010

Blues away with JUANMA after one whole year (20 Sep. 2010)

Jammin' at Jacaranda with STU STEELE - Sept. 8, 2010

RICK, MIKO & ARTHUR LOUIS - Mariners Sept. 7 2010


Playing Summer of 69 with EMI (handsome Marsol waiter and rising Rockstar) on the summer 2010



  1. I am Joe Roberts (the kid) 😀

  2. Looks like a lot of fun Richard

  3. Hi Richard
    Back in the UK now.
    Really enjoyed your music and thanks for letting me play Brick in the Wall with you, albeit badly.
    Best duo I have ever seen.
    Well done.

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