There are many requests we receive each night during our gigs. To expand the repertoire and better accommodate our loyal audience, you can write down here your requests as a comment if you think of coming to listen to ME & HIM, and we’ll try to include all possible.

Just allow us some time to learn them! … Please.


Son muchas las peticiones que recibimos cada noche durante nuestras actuaciones. A fin de ampliar el repertorio y complacer mejor a nuestro fiel público, se pueden escribir las peticiones abajo como comentario si pensáis venir a escuchar a ME & HIM, y trataremos de incluir todas las posibles.

¡Pero dádnos al menos tiempo para aprendérnoslas! … Porfa.




  1. hi you guys ..thanks for the music .and nice knowing you . !! ? where can i send you the picks you you all playing to … IE:- your email address.. iv done the photos and poster also for the Jazz regards from JIM in very wet uk!

    • Hi, Jim.
      We’ve replied to your private e-mail address.
      Kind regards.

      ME & HIM

      • Hi Ric and Pepe

        We were in Es Canar recently for our holiday (21st year runnung in Es Canar!)

        We enjoyed your gig at the fiest very much (Me and Them!!)

        We took some pics, can you give us an email address to send them to.

        We’re back at the end of Sept. and look forward to seeing you then.

        Kind regards

        Keep rocking

        John & Jean Payne

      • Hola Pepe n Rick well boys the heat is on ! But if it don’t get any better here in the Yuck K i’m on my way to listen to some nice music again ! say hello to horn blower he is fab on that saxo regards jimbo

    • Hi richard/ pepe, just got home to wet uk. A massive surprize to hear great music at the paraiso beach and panama this week. You played me a few requests for thin lizzy/ gary moore…. (The rep for diy/hardware richard). You were brilliant! I hope you don’t mind me uploading some tracks onto youtube as they have come out quite well.

      • OK for us uploading those videos Steve, just make sure please Pepe looks cute! ;D
        Thank you very much.

  2. Que tal nois, Pep & Richard, som la parella amb la nena, bueno, la nena de vint anys de Barcelona que cada any anem al Marsol a pasar una bona estona amb vosaltres. Aquest any anirem el 17 d’agost. Per el que veig a dia d’avui actueu en Santa Eulalia en Els Mariners. Diguem com em puc possar en contacte amb tu. Una abrasada.
    Carlos y Charo.

    • Hola, amics,
      Ens podeu contactar particularment a la meva adreça que ve just aquí al costat. Mireu cap a la dreta on diu E-MAIL.

      Fins aviat, aquí vos esperem.

  3. Hi Richard and Pepe,
    Just got back from sunny Es Cana after 2 weeks in the Ereso and caught you on the 19th. I have been looking forward to seeing you for about a year and was not disapointed great songs and playing we had a great veiw of you guys as we sat on the balcony and watched.
    Hope to see you again sometime all the best…. Mal & Eileen..

  4. Dear Mr. Fantasy (CSN),( its got a good solo for Richard!)

  5. Hi Richard & Pepe, will be seeing you at the tres torres on Thursday and mariners Friday (4th and 5th sept). Would love to hear you do Crossroads again if its still in your set, regards tony.

  6. Hi Richard, Pepe,

    Is the Cala Llonga gig on Saturday totally private or would we be able to see / hear it from a discreet spot in a beach bar? Regards, Steve from Bradford (not the excellent bass player, the other Steve from Bradford who was pretty stunned when you invited “Steve from Bradford” onto the stage at Mariners in August!

    • Hi Steve!
      I’ve just sent a message to the host asking, but I suppose that won’t be a problem.
      Hope to see you there and thanks for your interest.

      Kind regards.
      Pepe Zappa

  7. Muchas gracias Pepe, see you Saturday, Steve & Carol.

  8. Hi Rick & Pepe

    Hope you guys are Ok
    Sally and I are coming out to Es Cana on the 14th June
    Could you please tell me where you will be working on the 15th 16th 17th and 18th June
    Not only do we want to see you again – but would like to book you for Suzi’s wedding in June 2016 if possible

    Many thanks

    Muchas gracias


    Leader of the Mayhew family (as per your pics)

    • Hi there!
      Good to hear from the Mayhews.
      15 & 16th, night off.
      17th Hotel Ereso (Es Canar)
      18th Hotel Miami (Es Canar)
      We’ll be glad to see you again.



      • Hola Pepe

        Muchas Gracias

        Look forward to seeing you on 17th and 18th

        Best wishes to both you and Rick


  9. Hi Richard and Pepe
    I see you still play the Tres Torres. Do you still have to stick to jazz or can you now play a heavy rock set?
    Muchas gracias por su ayuda.
    El guiri flaco!

    • Hola amigo!
      Yes, I’m affraid we still must do so, but we’re including a few more rock numbers this season (at extra low volume, of course).
      Nice to hear from you.
      Saludos de Me & Him

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